What to Do and See in Nepal?

Known for having Mount Everest and 8 of the world’s tallest mountains, Nepal is a name often heard by all around the world. With spectacular views, heart-warming local people and incredible trekking trails, you can easily find awe-inspiring destinations to visit and explore during your stay in Nepal. However, to those who have no clue about what to do, where to go or even what to expect from Nepal, they can simply read this article here to find out some intriguing mind-blowing specialties that can only be found in Nepal.

Located strategically between the gigantic political masses of India and China, Nepal hosts diverse range of natural surroundings which are absolutely breathtaking. Nepal has an estimated population of 3 million as of 2017 with their own unique ethnicity, tradition, culture and history. And any traveler who wanders off into this heartening nation of the Himalayas is bound to be fascinated with everything that Nepal has to offer. No matter for any age group, there will always be something eye captivating and interesting going around.

Mostly travelers come to Nepal to go trekking in the majestic trails of the Himalayas. They want to step their feet in the Himalayan terrains where the colossal yet magnificent snowy peaks of some of the world’s highest mountain are situated. After all who wouldn’t want to inspire their inner soul with the sight of the awe-inspiring Himalayan mountains that seem to have been there for an eternity. Largely popular destinations like Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp and Upper Mustang are some of the most sought after trekking destinations of Nepal. And tourists travel to these places in huge numbers each year.

However, trekking is not the only thing that is nice about Nepal. You can spend your time doing various sorts of adventurous activities such as rock climbing, bungee jumping, zip-flier, paragliding and rafting. Nepal is abundantly rich with beautiful trekking routes and trails which passes through tourist friendly villages which are full of enthusiastic people who want to welcome foreign travelers into their community and show them their livelihood and customs which can be unique to many western travelers.

Not just that but, Nepal is a religious influenced country which serves as a place where different religious beliefs co-exist in harmony without much turbulence. Hence, travelers can expect to see numerous Buddhist monasteries, stupas, temples and shrines scattered all over the tiny land mass of Nepal. Besides viewing the iconic snowcapped mountains, you can even feed up your bellies with some tasty local delicacies such as Dal Bhat, Mo:Mo, Chowmein, Sukuti, Choyela, Lafphing, Thenduk, Thukpa and some sugary sweets as well.

But if you prefer ordering foods which are familiar to your home country then you can order them as well in various parts of the country without much trouble.