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Mr. Vinubhai Patel and Team

My association with Richa Tours goes back a long way, and I’ve got the opportunity to establish and maintain strong relationship with Mr. Sangay Gurung, one of the most knowledgeable person for Mount Kailash and Mansarovar region. Mr. Gurung has been making our travel arrangements for 15 years, coordinating with all the major logistics and unique needs of our clients- needless to say that every “minor detail” has been covered, effortlessly. We renew year after year because we believe and respect each other not only on professional front but also personally. Neelkanth and Richa Tours have had the good fortune to organize Ram Katha for Morari Bapu in 2012, the renowned exponent, who has conducted more than 700 Katha’s. Approximately, 500 pilgrims participated and it was a “committed quality service” that was provided in the remote part of Kailash. With the success of year 2012, we had an aspect of running 7 days Bhagwat Katha in 2013, recited by the distinguished and melodious Pujya Bhaishri at Lake Manasarovar where 350 devotees attended the auspicious ritual. All I can say is that Richa Tours is a reliable Company and their employees have all the “necessary resources” for organizing one of the most memorable trips to Kailash.


Brenda C

We have just returned from Mount. Kailash via the Lhasa route. The tour was well worth the money spent. Richa Tours and their incredible team is truly the best planner for Tibet and Kailash. They go beyond your expectations to enhance your travel experience. The idea of going to Mount Kailash and Lake Mansarovar was on my wish list and it was a dream come true experience. I had corresponded with Mr. Sangay Gurung via emails numerous times and every query was answered with brief explanation. His disposition, simplicity and competency qualitatively set him apart from other people in the travel fraternity. On my arrival, I was briefed thoroughly about the altitude sickness difficulties and the measures they take for a safe and comfortable trip. Once the journey started, I knew I was in the right hands. Our guide, Lakpa Tamang was undoubtedly experienced, helpful, patient and hilarious. He was so enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge and answered all of our questions in-depth. As a client, I would say the credibility and reputation of Richa Tours, as one of the leading Kailash tour operators is genuinely accurate.


K. Hinde

From the handling of arrangements, choice of topnotch hotels, comfortable transportation and well-versed itineraries for the clients- needless to say, they were all incredible!

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Dinesh Rander

I personally would like to thank Mr. Avatar Tamang, our guide. His service was excellent and commendable.


David and Katherine

I wanted a touch base to send you appreciativeness for our extensive India and Bhutan tour. Your teams choice of hotels was excellent, especially the proposed itinerary for Bhutan from India’s Golden Triangle Tour. We were very well taken care of and the trip was incredibly smooth- all in all, we took a lot of good memories to cherish and share with our friends and family!
Thanks again,


Shyam Sunder M

Richa Tours- your team is very gracious and helpful. Thank you!

Mumbai, India

Isheeta Goel

My Nepal cultural tour would be incomplete without Richa Tours. It was a great experience with tasteful choice of hotels and a perfectly planned itinerary. Cheers!

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Ishaan Goel

Everything was incredible! It was an informative and helpful tour to Kathmandu and Pokhra. With a short span of time, we covered all the major landmarks. Great itinerary!

New Delhi, India

Ghrander N

The trip to Kailash via Helicopter was excellent. The only pointer I would raise is the Hilsa accommodation but I totally understand that the logistics in Hilsa itself are very basic. Nevertheless, Richa Tours did their best in providing the finest choice of lodging. Your emergency service of two choppers was unbelievable and praiseworthy. Overall, it was an exceptional trip- Complete 5 STAR!!!

Mumbai, India

Jonathan T

I am really awed with Richa Tours for their detail oriented itinerary and consistent accessibility of our specialist to help us as and when required. I can’t talk exceptionally enough about our 15 days Kailash sojourn by this travel organization. Everything was consistent. The private guides were fascinating and knowledgeable. We felt that they were more than just guides. The food provided by the cooks was seamless. In such a remote place of Tibet, they were able to provide Indian and Continental cuisine.
I can disclose to you that I’ve well informed everybody I know, regarding how wonderful the company is and how splendid my experience was. “The Kailash journey was a life changing experience and we couldn’t be more joyful to have done it, adapted so much, seen so much, and got away from work for two weeks!” We will definitely utilize the services of Richa Tours one more time!


Preeti S

Dear Sangay Ji and the team of Richa Tours,
Surreal Kailash trip! Thank you so much! I am lost for words to humbly present my gratitude to your Company for arranging all the necessary requirements at the last moment. All the travel permits for my family were been made luckily on time and the credit to Mr. Sangay for being so consistent and patient with the Tibetan officials. We were so privileged to travel with Swami Chidanand Saraswati, the spiritual guru of Parmath Niketan. Along with him were industrialists and other people who all very much appreciated the trip of a lifetime!


Dr. Milind Chitley

Over the course of 16 years, I have seen camaraderie of experts from Richa Tours who are dedicated in providing high standard professional service to “off beaten” trekking parts of Nepal. Mr. Gurung (chairman) and his team are enthusiastic, competent and wonderful in executing travel arrangements that take care of all the complicated aspects of a trip. I highly recommend Richa Tours for creating and executing beautiful journeys and I look forward to many more years of travelling with them.