6 Reasons why you should book with Richa Tours!

  • A Passionate Team at your service~ Operating with Richa Tours, you will be ascertained that the team members you are familiarized with are passionate, observant and responsive to help accomplish a smooth journey. Our enthusiastic team ensures a productive customer relationship with clients making travel a hassle-free affair.
  • Unrivaled Transportation~ We believe the significance of our traveller’s comfort and hence, provide luxury and tourist buses that make our clients 100% safe and satisfied. This is why we also deal with a large selection of transport providers who are able to meet our requirements in terrain regions and can offer four-wheel drive jeeps from Toyota, which are sturdy and well maintained for the mountainous routes.
  • Reliable Accommodation~ Our intimate, first hand-knowledge on hotels, B&B’s, resorts and self-catering accommodations are featured only once our specialists have stayed in and found it to have character, value and comfort. In isolated areas where proper infrastructure is still not paved like the Everest Base Camp or Kailash Manasarovar, Richa Tours attempts to give their clients the best of service with an exceptional flair of setting with a perseverance to respect the natural and cultural harmony.
  • Fulfilling every aspect of client’s needs~ We consider that every detail makes a viable difference and hence, our Company goes an extra mile to assist our customers from their point of arrival to departure to attain a simpler and pleasant visit.
  • Holiday Packages and Vacation Destinations~ At Richa Tours, all the holiday packages and vacation destinations are carefully researched and reviewed each passing year to ensure an optimum service to our travellers. Tours are been studied regularly and we keenly update our new information on travel blogs or update in our website. Richa Tours not only specializes in Kailash Tours but also organizes travel packages that cross Nepal and highlights other countries like India, Bhutan, Tibet and China.
  • Personal Guaranteed Service from experienced “local staff”~ A point of difference that sincerely stands out in the midst of other travel agencies is that we are locals! All our team members and Sherpa staff have been living here and will be able to share our personal knowledge happily. Moreover, we give a personalized service to all our clients and save their email id’s or phone number so that a quick reply can be given within 48 hours (business hours).