A quintessential great mass of 21,778- feet tall, the resplendent Mount Kailas looms in the Ngari region of Tibet with scintillating cosmic light. Asserting as a spiritual stairway to heaven by few people, Mount Kailas is a journey of discovering and uncovering your inner-self, perhaps a revelation or indeed a path of virtuous deeds and sublime connection to your soul. The legendary mountain has been identified as a source of many imperative myths and beliefs, Kailas is not just the center of the universe but it’ s also one of the world’s most venerated sacred sites for four different religions- the Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Bons.

For a pilgrimage that is located in the remote southwestern corner of Tibet, this supremely holy destination is seen by no more than a few thousand travelers each year. However, with many routes initializing and hospitable facilities improving day-by-day, Mt.Kailas and Manasarovar have been drawing many people for its serene presence for innumerable reasons.

Though it’s magical tranquility is mesmerizing, a sojourn to Kailas is an arduous affair but a gratifying one. It should be understood that devotees should have ample of faith and surrender themselves to the ‘Divine’. With an average height of 15,000 ft. throughout the journey, high altitude and harsh weather conditions, pilgrims need to prepare themselves mentally and physically. This challenging yet fulfilling journey will encounter you with an illuminating transformation. Gazing at the mysterious heaven-touching apex of the majestic mountains, strolling in the picturesque monasteries with yak caravans wandering over dewdrop passes and the innocent smiling faces of Tibetans are an overwhelming experience. Besides, the ultimate destination of the mystical dwelling is a phenomenon that can be sensed only first-hand. A few elements of Mount Kailas can be summarized for travellers who are anticipating on embarking a journey of their lifetime.

    • Kailas, also termed, as the “rooftop of the world” is a source of four expansive rivers – Brahmaputra, Ganges, Sutlej and Indus.
    • The journey round the base of Kailas is believed to relinquish the sins and additionally, acquiring a ritual bath in the sacred Lake Manasarovar, 20kms away from Mt. Kailas is set to renew devotees and free them from the immoralities of hundred lifetimes.
    • Conferring to Hindu legend, the lake was formed in the mind of Lord Brahma, and hence, Manasarovar in Sanskrit means Manas (mind) and Sarovar (lake).
    • According to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva dwells at the summit of Mt. Kailas; the spiritual center of paradise. The mountain is considered to be Shiva’s “linga” while Lake Manasarovar is the “yoni” of his consort.
    • Tibetan Buddhist concur that Kailas is the abode of the Buddha Demchok, who epitomizes supreme bliss.
    • The Tibetan religion of “Bon” which predates in Tibet, profess Mount Kailas to be the religious center of the sky goddess “Sipaimen”.
    • Jainism’s believe Kailas as Mount Ashtapada, the site where the originator of their faith, Rishabhadeva, achieved deliverance from the cycle of reincarnation.
    • No pilgrims climb Mt.Kailas, legend of all four religions deem that it would be a solemn act of profanity to set foot on its slopes.
    • The weathered path around Mt.Kailas is 32 miles, which is approximately 53kms long, trailing a pristine sapphire mountain stream along its way. Altitudes form a series of range from 15,000 ft. to 19,000 ft. at the completion of Dolma la Pass. Pilgrims strongly ascertain that circumbulating (walking around) Kailas will bring good fortune and harmony. This form of salvation around the sacred mountain is referred as “Kora”.
    • The circumbulation is made clockwise by Hindus and Buddhists and counterclockwise by the other counterparts respectively (Jainism’s and Bons).

Our dedicated team, reliable Sherpa’s and guides are effervescent to enliven your journey of a lifetime and surround every moment with a humbling sense of energy and relativity. Every devotee endures a passage of sacredness that reveals a transformation from ignorance to enlightenment, from self-absorption to oneness.

Richa Tours seeks every being to come and be a part of this transcending and inspiring sojourn to Kailas!