Feel the mystical aura of Bhutan and get illuminated by enchanting snow-capped peaks, majestic fortresses and sacred monasteries.

Nestled in the Eastern Himalayas, Bhutan, the Thunder Dragon, is often referred as the abode of the divinities and home to the immortals. Little populated by inhabitants, this fierce independent country has been visited by great saints, intellectuals and devotees who have profoundly blessed the land and the people with influential wisdom, happiness and divine cultural legacy. Isolated in the mountains, Bhutan has an undeniable charisma with dense forests, pristine air, imposing architecture, protected religion and delightful people. Travellers and pilgrims will be astounded that the Bhutanese people have treasured their traditional culture and lifestyle almost intact and at the degree to which it infuses all elements of modern day secular life. And so since time philosophers and visitors have been irresistibly drawn to the natural environment for it’s rich civilization. From their conventional woven garments to fluttering prayer flags, sacred mask dance and magnificent mountains, this kingdom is proud in offering an evident heritage and unique cultural setting.

Richa Tours will help encompassing all the necessary requirements for a wonderful experience in this magical land. From sightseeing in Paro to getting splendid views of Thimpu valley, you will be imprinted with an earnest impression on your mind with their culture, symbolic beliefs, commemorative monuments like the monasteries and their rich literature.

To safeguard their opulent natural diversity, the kingdom has consciously adopted a sustainable approach to tourism with the philosophy of Gross National Happiness. In 2014, the number of tourists who visited Bhutan was approximately 133,480 (Tourism Council Of Bhutan). This cautious method ensures that the travellers either are guests or permitted on an approved program set by the Government. Consequently, this does NOT mean that there is a limit to tourist visas but visitors need to abide by the laws of Bhutan and pay a minimum tariff of US$250 that includes accommodation, food, internal transport (excluding air fares) and licensed tour guides.