Tibet & China
Surround yourself with breathtaking views of glistening turquoise lakes, endless colourful prayer flags and breathtaking ruins of hermitages in Tibet.

For a prolonged span of time, Tibet has had a chaotic history with dominant Chinese and Mongolian dynasties rule the kingdom while some periods were functioning as an independent entity. The phenomenal beauty of Tibet offers landscapes that are elemental to describe with glistening turquoise lakes, breath-taking high altitude treks, precious and fleeting prayer flags complemented by some of the most resilient and likeable people you will ever meet- a truly wonderful experience.

Despite the invoked images of Tibet in every travelers mind, of critical political situation and instability, one will not be able to rationalize the warmth of the Tibetan people, which remains a deep inspiration to all mankind. Having a unique and desolate landscape, remote cliff-side retreats and the prayer halls murmuring with spiritual mantras, one will never be dismayed with the array of beautiful scenarios that the kingdom has to offer.

Tibet, the land of snows, is an intoxicating beautiful terrain that lures adventurers as well as spiritual wanderers to embrace its unique mystifying secrets. The biggest draw for travelers is the mountain fortress of the Himalayas, judicious with magical plains dotted with wild yaks. So welcome your sanities to the land of mysterious customs, imposing history, serene Potala palace and beautiful mountains and rivers.

Richa Tours offers you the prospect of experiencing a journey of a lifetime. With basic accommodation and routes/itineraries changing with the nature of time, any visitor travelling to Tibet should be notified of the ever-evolving sudden developments made by the Chinese government. It should be clearly understood that a nation that has gone through such tumultuous imposing customs, one should be ready for all kinds of eventualities. Richa Tours and its team will make an effort to provide the best service and the highest accommodation standards to make your journey comfortable and memorable.

All in all, Tibet being equally an enthusing and tragic country, the moments of fascination are almost passé that covers an essential appeal to travellers.