First Batch of Fully Equipped Medical Doctors and Priest Departs to Kailash Manasarovar

Being one of the world’s most holy revered places, Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar make an incredible spiritual journey and adventure where the pilgrim can attain Nirvana. A trip to Mount Kailash is a life-altering phenomenon that you get to experience in the midst of the chaotic life that we currently live in. As it is considered as one of the toughest holy pilgrimages, because it steers through high altitude atmosphere and requires inner strength for circumnutating during the Inner Kora also known as parikarma, Richa Tours has taken few measures for safety and smooth operation for our Yatris by extending Medical Doctors from, a well-acclaimed hospital in Kathmandu.

Travelling with Richa Tours will help you fulfill every aspect of clients needs. A point of difference that sincerely stands out in the midst of other tour operators is that from 2019, we are the only Company that is stationing Medical Doctors at key places of Purang, Manasarovar and Saga so that every Yatri travelling with Richa Tours can get a chance to have a checkup of their oxygen level at such a high altitude. Our certified Medical Doctors can be round the clock for any assistance. Apart from that, we are also providing Pujaris at Lake Manasarovar to conduct a holy Puja before taking the holy dip in the blue crystal waters of Manasarovar.

We are extremely happy to introduce Dr. Saroj Adhikaree, Dr. Ashutosh Amatya and Dr. Ganesh Giri to our Kailash Medical Initiative. With an intensive briefing with three certified Doctors, who are specialized in their field, they are more than eager to conduct the wellbeing of our clients and shall take every measure to be of assistance and care to our Yatris.

We have also initiated a Special Poojari/Priest from Pashupatinath temple and are delighted to have Mr. Sundar Dhungel on our team to cater our Yatris dreams and make the trip of Kailash, once in a lifetime experience.

The team of Richa Tours extends its best wishes to our Doctors and Priest for a special and spiritual initiative that will definitely be helpful to all our clients.