Welcoming 2017 By Visiting Bhaktapur Durbar Square

Bhaktapur, the “City of Devotees” is found 12 miles (20 km) east of Kathmandu and is the finest protected part of Nepal’s old urban areas, regardless of being earnestly damaged in the 1934 and 2015 tremor. With the earthquake destruction taking a toll and perhaps evident, the people of Nepal are yet optimistic and do not show a sign of disruptiveness in their “tempo of everyday life”.

Being portrayed as the country in ruins by the media, however, as a Nepali individual, I decided to check on it myself. It had been almost a year that I last went to the World Heritage Site, Bhaktapur. As a person travelling so vastly on a yearly basis, I am nevertheless in awe of Bhaktapur and it’s grandeur of towering medieval temples. The scars of the disaster still remain, however, the renovations of the heritages has resumed and although, it will take a few years to completely recover, there are still so much to see by aimlessly gazing at the finest architecture of the city.

When it comes to exploring the traditional city post-disaster, there holds magnetism as they ever were: hidden courtyards of the Malla Dynasty speckled with studded intricate temples, statues, reservoirs and wells. Not to forget the narrow streets filled with handcrafted artifacts, artisans weaving clothes and the colorful chaotic humdrum of people drying pots or collecting water and bathing in the patios.

At the end, I concluded my day with the famous Newari food that is not to be missed by any tourist, visiting Nepal for the first time. For the local variety of snacks, you must try Bara. These yummy pockets of joy come in vegetable, chicken or egg. Our favorite was Piro Aloo (spicy potatoes), which goes down well with Bara (Newari lentil specialty) and beaten rice.

All in all, Bhaktapur remains refreshingly captivating and the town’s cultural life similarly remains proudly on display. This sums up the equation of visiting a heavenly place and supporting the local culture and people. Definitely a winning combo!!!

Top Sites To Visit In Bhaktapur: –

  • Golden Gate
  • Nyatapola Temple
  • Bhairabnath Temple
  • National Art Gallery
  • Potter’s Square
  • Dattatreya Temple
  • Ugrachandi & Bhairab Statues
  • Til Mahadev Narayan Temple
  • Bhagwati Temple