The glory of Mount Kailash

Located inside the breathtaking Tibetan plateau, Mt. Kailash is one of the most scared mountains in the world. Believers of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism have deep historical and religious beliefs regarding this extra ordinary mass of utmost divineness. So much so that, no one till date has managed to climb the entire mountain. Furthermore, the Chinese Government has even banned alpinists to climb the peak due to its huge and relevant religious significance.

According to the legend and myths, Hindu believers consider Mount Kailash as the abode of Lord Shiva – the god of destruction and chaos. Similarly, Tibetans believe that Guru Rinpoche and Chakra Samvara reside atop the holy mountain. For your information, Guru Rinpoche is the one who introduced and brought Buddhism to Tibet. Therefore, Mt. Kailash still remains one of the most revered places on earth where humans have still not stepped on.

Mount Kailash stands majestically inside the Nagri region of Tibet and has an estimated high elevation of 6,718 meters above sea level. To reach the site location of Mt. Kailash, travelers normally have to take a flight to Lhasa or hire a helicopter that can directly let them visit this place. However, many choose to go on a drive tour which takes them usually a couple of days to reach here. In addition to that, some natives even complete the entire pilgrimage journey of Mt. Kailash on foot without using Helicopter or Jeep.

Besides that, Tibetan Buddhists believe that Buddha Demchok lives on top of Mt. Kailash. As you can see, there are several legends that depict the immense heavenly presence of Mt. Everest. Due to which, devotees from all around the world come to Tibet each year to see Mt. Kailash with their own eyes. After all, who wouldn’t want to travel inside the famed ‘roof of the world’ – Tibet which was once the home of Dalai Lama.

Some even go further to describe Mt. Kailash to be a very spiritual place where once can purify themselves with righteous thoughts. Thousands of pilgrims visit this place each year and most of them come here to pray and worship in front of Mt. Kailash. Furthermore, as many parts of Tibet has still not been developed with modern housings and industries, raveling to Tibet can be an exotic experience for many who wish to escape the cacophony of their hometown.